Designing and delivering the future of animal health and pet care. Together.

April 10-11, 2025 | Washington, D.C.
Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center









Compass is by the industry, with the industry, for the animals.

In an era where technology is rapidly transforming human-animal interactions, the pet care and animal health sectors stand at the forefront of a compassionate revolution. This is your invitation to join the pioneers leveraging cutting-edge innovations to nurture, heal and strengthen the sacred bonds between species.

Compass is a catalytic two-day immersion where trailblazers from pet care, veterinary medicine, animal pharmaceuticals, and allied fields will converge to ideate, innovate, and forge strategic partnerships. Through visionary keynotes, interactive think tanks, and curated networking avenues, we'll chart a transformational roadmap.

Who's attending:

Entrepreneurs & Investors

• Private Equity
• VC
• Family Offices
• Foundations
• Insurance Providers
• Emerging Startups
• Existing Startups
• Founders
• Board Members

Technology & Development

• Practice Management Software
• Telehealth Applications
• AI

Industry Associations & Advocacy Groups

• Animal Protection & Welfare Organizations
• Human & Animal Wellbeing Organizations
• Animal Health & Veterinary Industry Associations
• Pet Care, Pet Care Supply & Retail Associations

Animal Health & Pet Care Supply Chain

• Nutrition Suppliers
• Pharmaceutical Suppliers
• Veterinary Technology Suppliers
• Pet & Consumer Technology Suppliers
• Supplement Suppliers
• Pet Supply Manufacturers
• Pet Care Service Provider

Policy Makers & Legislators

• State and Federal legislators
• Policy Advisors
• Industry Regulatory Bodies
• Lobby Groups

Animal Health & Pet Care Professionals

• Veterinarians
• Veterinary Nurses & Technicians
• Practice Managers & Medical Directors
• Veterinary Group Leadership
• Veterinary Industry Support Leaders
• Real Estate
• HR
• Technology
• Data

Retail & Commerce

• Physical Retail Groups
• Online Retail Groups
• eCommerce Professionals
• Private Label and Contract Manufacturers
• Food Ingredient and Feed Organizations

"Compass provides the platform for industry leaders from around the world to engage in novel, forward-looking dialogue with those across the entire animal health and pet care ecosystem. Visionaries from outside of the industry are invited to participate and serve as a catalyst for new ideas and solutions we cannot even imagine today, to chart a rewarding and healthy future for animals and their relationship with people. No forum like this exists today and we believe its impact will be game-changing."

Gene O'Neill
Chief Executive Officer
North American Veterinary Community

"As two leading industry bodies, MFA and NAVC bring the leadership of the conversation about the future of the animal health and pet care sector directly into the hands of the industry itself. The leaders in our industry need a place to come together and Compass will be that platform where we convene to outline and discover future investment opportunities, advance technological development, collaborate on solving the issues ahead of us and improve the lives of animals around the world long into the future."

Brett Yates
Chief Executive Officer
Michelson Found Animals

Compass Content at a Glance:

Investing and Entrepreneurship

Compass provides engaging discussions and presentations from cutting-edge pet companies, product developers and innovators, giving the opportunity to identify potential investment opportunities. Attendees will be better equipped to make informed investment decisions, anticipate market shifts, and capitalize on growth potential to shape a more sustainable and profitable future for the industry.

Technology and Development

Like most, technology is a key indicator of change and advancement in the animal health industry, with Compass illuminating those working at the forefront. Developers, experts and users will converge to discover how new tech and scientific advances can enhance operational efficiency and patient care, and discuss solutions that meet the future needs of pet parents and veterinary professionals.

Market Dynamics and Consumer Behavior (Supply Chain & Retail)

Compass will introduce and align new and developing products and enterprise approaches with patient providers and back-end system operators, creating a promising future for pet parents, animal caregivers and veterinary professionals. Attendees will collaborate to create discourse around workflow and health outcome improvements, and utilizing these ideas in supply chain and manufacturing. 

Regulatory, Policy, and Legislative Developments

For animal policy and legislative champions, both domestic and international, Compass offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded changemakers working toward a common goal of improving practices and strategies within animal health and pet care. Mingling with both consumer-facing and B2B companies and thought leaders will provide the space to identify where policy and technology can intersect and create lasting change.

Pet Healthcare Professionals and Medical Innovations

Compass creates a platform for veterinary practitioners at all levels to utilize and develop new ideas, systems and products to produce leaner, more efficient and more robust practices that alleviate some long-standing pressures on clinic staff, and also create a more streamlined experience for patients. The veterinary industry is in a crucial moment of growth and essential adaptability, and Compass attendees will be on the front line leading this change.

Infrastructure and Environmental Design

The future of animal health and wellbeing depends on the systems and processes that create efficiency, are forward-thinking, alleviate structural pain points and create an environment that fosters overall wellbeing for pets, parents and caregivers. Compass allows innovators in different sectors to join forces in this effort, and identify moments for collaboration and new ideas that work toward this synergy. 

Industry Advocacy and Nonprofit Perspectives

Compass gives a voice to the philanthropic and community based organizations centered on animal health amongst the technology and service providers who work behind the scenes. Sharing these perspectives and life-changing work ensures that their collective efforts are heard and considered in the development of new products, services and policies for animal wellbeing. 

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